We Provide Management Solutions for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Horizon RV Resorts is a third-party RV Resort, RV Park, and Campground Management and Consulting group exclusively serving the Outdoor Hospitality industry. The Outdoor Hospitality industry is evolving quickly, and it is no secret that the demographics strongly favor affluent customers entering the industry in massive numbers. As such, new investors are also entering the industry as owners. In general this means that older properties are being upgraded and/or expanded, and new properties are being built to meet the increased demand. It also means that new ownership may have unique demands on their time, and that’s where we can help!

We also provide Feasibility Studies, Site Design, and Construction Management

If you have thought about owning or developing an RV Resort, or if you are already an owner, you know it can be difficult finding the right assistance to help you with the many challenges you face. Developers often need Feasibility Studies, Site Layout design and Construction Management. Buyers of existing parks often need turnkey third-party Management and Consulting services. Both buyers and sellers need help in identifying the correct strategies to maximize their interests, and the list is seemingly endless. Although there are several companies who can assist in some of these fields, your time is precious; why not align yourself with a firm that can provide virtually all services you may need?

Interested in buying or selling? 1 Horizon Brokerage Services, Inc. is here to assist.

Combining industry expertise with cutting edge technology, we are uniquely positioned to assist with acquisitions and dispositions of Outdoor Hospitality assets nationwide. Our ‘team concept’ approach is designed to deliver exceptional service to our clients, providing transparency and accountability at every step of the process. Moreover, by offering corresponding professional services with our Management and Feasibility / Development companies, we stand unique in the industry by wrapping all the necessary components together in one potent solution. As merely one example, a seller of raw land is able not only to list the property itself, but also obtain detailed Feasibility reports, financials, site renderings and construction costs for a buyer; we can also provide construction management, and after the project is built, our Management services can manage the asset for the new owner. We know of no other company that can offer this suite of services, and we are eager to discuss how we can assist you.


Comprehensive solutions for Buying, Selling, Developing and Managing RV Resorts, RV Parks and Campgrounds.

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